About Us

About the Creators: Christine K. St. Vil and Julian B. Kiganda

Christine K. St. Vil and Julian B. Kiganda are two sisters and successful entrepreneurs known for being Bold & Fearless Moms ‘N Charge®. After conquering their own personal and professional struggles to finally walk in their purpose, they provide their most powerful insights to move you along your own path to uncovering your God-given purpose. In their life-changing book they co-authored in 2014, Whose Shoes Are You Wearing?, these no-nonsense siblings take you through key steps to help you create the unprecedented transformation you want to see in your own life. They draw upon their own life-changing experiences—from ending unhealthy relationships to surviving unimaginable trauma. With practical action steps included at the end of each chapter, Whose Shoes shows you how to walk boldly and fearlessly in your own shoes regardless of the shoes you’ve been wearing.

They created the Whose Shoes Transformational Planner as a way to connect women year-round to their message of purpose, transformation and doing it afraid. The Whose Shoes Planner empowers women to simplify, set and take the necessary action to finally achieve their goals.